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Sage Land & House - Koh Phangan's Real Estate Agency
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Our name SAGE is the acronym for our motto: Safe Advice, Good Ethics.  The word SAGE comes from a plant that indigenous groups have valued for years.  We hope that our customers can use SAGE Real Estate as their valued tool in acquiring and securing property in Thailand. 

We understand the concerns with buying property in a foreign country and are continuously updating ourselves with the changing laws that one needs to be aware of.  From company setup to accounting, legal, and construction counseling, we have what it takes to make your vision a reality. 

There are many Thai regulations and laws that need clarification for foreign buyers.  Issues of ownership, taxes, repatriation of funds, accounting and due diligence are what our team of experts set out to handle for you.  For some basic information on purchasing land in Thailand you can take a look through our frequently asked questions section.

SAGE can help you to maintain risks and explore opportunities when buying property in Thailand.  So come by for a visit and let us assist you with your next property purchase.


Service Service Description
Initial Consultation
  • Gather client information on what they want
  • Provide information on Koh Phangan and the property market
  • Provide comparables and prices for what the client is looking for
  • Provide samples of land packages and feasibility studies
  • Discussion around the scope of services offered by SAGE Land and House
Land Sales and Leases
  • Advertisement of property
  • Services as per brokers agreement
Agent and Land Management
  • Consultation and all referrals
  • Minimum of four (4) land packages per month specific to client requests
  • Supervision of all surveys
  • Consultation and referral for account services
  • Consultation and referral for legal services
  • Consultation and referral for contractors
  • Overseeing the tender process for contractors and project managers
  • Liaison with lawyers, architects, accountants and project managers as needed
Consultation and Referrals
  • Consultation for land purchase
  • Consultation for business proposals
  • Referrals for legal and account services, developers, contractors, architects etc.
Land Package and Land Viewings
  • Due diligence on specific land properties
  • Land and property viewings

Company Set-up

  • Thai company registration

Work Permit

  • Foreign work permit registration

Building Permit

  • Construction registration

Land Contract

  • Drawing of notarized contract between buyer and seller
Legal Services Referral and Review
  • Referral to legal services and liaison between lawyer and buyer as needed

Document Translation

  • Translation of documentation from Thai to English or vice versa

Land Title Search

  • Liaison with the Land Office to check:
    • Ownership
    • Liens
    • Grade of Title
    • Encumbrances
    • Access
Feasibility Land Study
  • In depth research on vital property specifications including but not limited to:
    • Access and right of way to property
    • Survey review
    • Land Title search
    • Water access checks
    • Electricity access checks
    • Seller check
    • Comparable research
    • SWOT analysis
    • Profit/Loss margins
    • Appraisal

Company Balance Sheets

  • Thai Government annual account summary and tax preparation

Land Survey

  • Topographical land survey
  • Border survey

Land Clearing

  • Organization and management of land clearance
Land Fencing
  • Organization and management of three strand land fencing with concrete posts
Account Services Referral and Review
  • Referral to account services and liaison between accountant and buyer as needed
  • Information regarding banking, money transfers and account setup
  • Tax requirements

Architect Referral and Review

  • Referral to architectural services and liaison between architect and buyer as needed
Project Management
  • Supervision of the entire building process
  • Purchase of materials for construction

Tendering for Contractor

  • Management and facilitation of tender process

Land Divisions

  • Liaison with Land Office and fee for dividing the property as required
Event Permits
  • Liaison with Police department to arrange permit

Dispute Resolution

  • Facilitation of the negotiation process and documentation preparation


  • Accidental Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Title/Property Insurance
  • Referral to insurance services and liaison between insurer and client as needed

Property Management

  • Property rentals
  • Property accounts and collections